We deliver top-quality domestic Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (L PG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and other related products from leading industry suppliers.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG is a Fossil Fuel comprised of 87 to 92 percent of methane and is one of the cleanest burning fuel. A natural gas that has been compressed at 200 to 250 bar pressure, which remains clear and non-corrosive. It’s an alternate fuel to Diesel, petrol and Black oil. Against diesel, CNG is 45 to 50 % cheaper (depending on customer’s location). CNG on wheels act as a virtual pipeline for the consumers.

Gas Based Power Solutions

OCEANDIARE will provide CNG or LNG for power as fuel as with client’s requirement, implementing & operating power related projects as the growth of power demand in Nigeria presents a substantial opportunity. OCEANDIARE ENERGY planned implement dedicated Power Plant Projects to customers scalable up to 10 MW or even more fueled by Gas Generators.

Liquefied Natural
Gas (LNG)

LNG is a versatile energy source used for cleaner transportation fuel, industrial processes, electricity generation, and heating in areas lacking gas pipelines. It's pivotal in the global energy mix, providing a greener alternative to conventional fossil fuels, promoting environmental sustainability. Overall, LNG plays a crucial role in the global energy landscape promoting sustainability.

Gas Supply

OCEANDIARE facilitates bespoke gas supply arrangements which adapts to customer demands and project-centric supply needs, and we also have over the years built a robust management system in line with the industry standard.

Services provided for you

We pride ourselves in delivering top quality service in all aspects of our business, so whatever your LPG, CNG & LNG requirements may be, at OCEANDIARE ENERGY LIMITED we have all it takes to suit the individual needs of your home or organization to provide low carbon, reliable and safe solution so you can focus on running your business.


Further to the National Domestic Gas Supply and Pricing Regulations, 2008 “The Regulation” for the implementation of the Nigerian Gas Master Plan and Management of Domestic Supply of Gas to the market.

Oceandiare Energy Limited came on-board amongst other things with a simple goal of ensuring adequate supply of Gas to the strategic sectors of the domestic market for the purpose of enhancing natural gas usage to achieve the much-desired industrialization in Nigeria.


Develop and lead the domestic natural gas market and perform in an integrated manner in the gas and power market in Africa.